The VFX Tour was originally conceived by 3D artist Fabio Zapata in 2009, the concept of the tour however was shelved. In early 2011 the idea of establishing a school in South America to specifically teach Visual Effects and CGI was taking center stage. In order to create buzz for and spread the word about this new endeavor, THE VFX TOUR was reborn. The tour itself proved too ambitious a project for one man alone to handle, so Fabio Zapata contacted his good friends Albert Mizuno (Producer), Javier Reyes (Designer) and Sergio Cal (Concept Illustrator) to further discuss the idea. After many late night discussions, endless meetings and the tossing about of ideas, both good and bad, the concept of the tour started taking shape. During the months that ensued all the necessary steps to successfully launch the event were identified, it was time to start taking them to give life to The VFX Tour.

From the start Fabio wanted to create a Visual Effects industry in his native Colombia that would be centered around access to a quality education and industry insiders. Even though there was some initial opposition from his peers, Fabio and his team pressed on, identifying the target city as the capital of Bogota, a city already known for its high concentration of design studios and the universities that cater to them. This cross section was ideal, it comprised the largest population of their target market in the best possible host city for the event.

The artists were lining up to take part in this great event, Jason Schugardt was the special guest speaker for the Opening Conference held a month prior to the tour seminars. Fabio and Albert began compiling the dream list of artists that would ultimately take part in the tour, highly skilled artists were needed, artists that had a wealth of knowledge and plenty of experience on big Hollywood productions.

One after the other the artists were signing up to work on the tour, and travel for the first time in their careers to the heart of South America. A total of five artists were signed on for the tour; Fabio Zapata would lead the team and would work on layout, workflow and pipeline development; Masa Narita was signed on as senior modeler for the robot concept later named V7; Scott Metzger would be the CG supervisor; Steward Burris the animator; and Peter Demarest the Compositor.

The VFX Tour was held in Bogota on September 30 and October 1, with a gathering of 490 participants and two packed days of Visual Effects.

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