August 20, 2011

Opening Conference

Images from the opening conference held in Bogota a month prior to The VFX Tour seminars. For this conference Jason Schugardt was our guest of Honor.

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September, 2011

VFX Tour Artists

The Rock Stars of The VFX Tour while in Colombia, Steward, Peter, Scott, Masa and Fabio.

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September 30, 2011

VFX Tour Seminar

The artist show their prowls in each of their fields to an eager crowd in Bogota, Colombia.

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September, 2011

Candid Shots

The VFX Tour artist and crew enjoy the local cuisine, the citi of Bogota and look learn from their piers as they closely pay attention to each others presentation.

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October, 2011

The VFX Tour Team

David Moscoso, Arturo Rozo Carrión, Fernando Sierra Valbuena and Rodrigo Morales are the LUCKY 4 chosen by our judges to attend the seminars.

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