LUCKY 4 is a digital illustration contest that seeks to give students in Graphic and Digital Media Arts the platform to expose their talents and raise their own limits and expectations. This contest allows us to see the level of creativity, technical skill and software proficiency that students have acquired while at their current colleges. LUCKY 4 is an event geared towards professionals from the film industry, including experienced artists in visual effects.

The VFX Tour welcomes students from diverse backgrounds ranging from recent graduates to those with prior industry experience; the objective of the tour is to offer industry exposure to a slew of both students and industry insiders alike via live seminars, demonstrations and technical presentations focused on expanding the skill sets of those in attendance. The visiting professionals from the Visual Effects industry in the US add a wealth of experience to the well defined seminars. The VFX Tour establishes a thriving learning network that enables the VFX student body to receive live action inputs that ultimately places them a cut above their peers in the competitive industry of VFX. The LUCKY 4 contest is the platform by which the student body gains exposure to industry insiders, event sponsors and potential employers.

Writers, directors, and producers give LUCKY 4 contestants concepts from real movie projects, these stories are at the stage were concept art is needed to portray the writers and directors ideas and vision of the film, this concept art will later be used for storyboards and scene development. Professional artists participate as judges and mentors for contestants, the sponsors provide the tools for students to move forward with their studies and give prizes to those who excel.


The contest consists of giving students a concept story from a film or short film. The synopsis of the story and character information as well as any information the director may deem necessary and provide, in addition to specifics regarding what they are looking for in the completed artwork, specifications on format, file size, type of file, and color settings.

The VFX Tour website will contain all information needed for the contestant to register and participate. The contest will also be advertised via various publicity spots. Our Facebook pages for both the LUCKY 4 contest and the VFX TOUR will also serve as information portals and provide additional advertising.

Our first installment of LUCKY 4 at THE VFX TOUR Colombia 2011 attracted numerous applicants, of which 18 participants were selected from various cities, showcasing a diverse of body of interpretive artworks that allowed us to see clearly the artistic ability of the student contestants and their enthusiasm in creating artwork for movie concepts. The quality of the majority of the submissions however were not as expected; the level of work from students clearly indicated the lack of education and exposure to industry standards that are needed to work on these high profile projects.

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